Loads are cargo that your trucking company has been hired to transport.  They require a Payor, a Shipper, and a Consignee.  

Other fields required are:

  • Length (overall length of the trailer that the cargo will take up)
  • Width (overall width of the trailer that the cargo will take up)
  • Height (height of the cargo)
  • Weight (total weight of the cargo)
  • Commodity (description of the cargo)
  • Trailer Type Needed (you can select 1 or more trailer types that will work to transport the cargo)

Optional fields available:

  • Value (stated value of the cargo)
  • # of Pallets (total number of pallets the cargo is on)
  • Pallet Exchange (select this box if the Load is involved in pallet exchange)
  • Special Equipment (select Loadlocks, E Track, Straps, and/or Tarps if required by Load)
  • HazMat (select this box if the cargo is considered Hazardous Material
  • Oversized (select this box if the cargo is over-dimensional, overweight, or oversized by any other guidelines your company might have)
  • Temp Controlled (select this box if the cargo must be controlled at a specific temperature range)
  • Temperature Range (if the temperature must be exact, enter the same number in both fields)